A primordial dance-tech performance

Words By Erika Clugston

Date: 08.04.17
Venue: Mine Centrum Berlin
Time: 20:00

DEEP WAVES, is a ‘phygital’ dance-tech performance which connects the contemporary digital age with our primordial and ancestral origins. Dance, technology, ritual, and science come together in this ritualistic and innovative performance inspired by ancient Colombian rituals.

Technology transforms the two dancer’s movements into the audio and visual elements of the performance while drawing on Colombian cultural elements for the movement. One performer wears a neurosensing headband, transforming the performer’s brainwaves into visuals. The second performer’s movements create an auditory landscape with a motion sensor embedded in the costume. The performers draw on the duality of the ‘doble yo’ (double me) concept from pre-Colombian culture as a way of connecting with nature and playing with the duality of male/female, material/spiritual, art/science.

Check out the premiere on April 8th, entry by donation. Arrive early to make sure you grab a seat!

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