Daikaiju Suddenly Attacks Berlin!!! (w Party Fears + PÄN)

US monster surf rockers attack Berlin on their European Tour

Date: 2nd December
Venue: Finale Bar, Sonnenallee
Time: Doors, 20:00

US surf-rockers, Daikaiju have been donning their kabuki masks and rampaging through venues around the world since 1999. The band’s live act sits somewhere between pantomime and rock concert with charging numbers that sound like The Surftone’s Cecilia Ann on bath salts.

With a petite, acrobatic silhouette, the mysterious frontman known only as ‘Secret Man’ is as charming and unpredictable as a cobra in a Hello Kitty! onesie. If you’re distracted by your phone while he’s shredding up verby, melodic runs on his strat, be prepared for him to pay you back with due humiliation; might be a lapdance, might be him pulling you up on stage.

Daikaiju will be joined by locals Party Fears and PÄN. Party Fears have been plying their brand of B52s-esque indie pop for just a few months now, but have already elbowed their way onto the scene like a pushy grandma in a Lidl check-out line. Listen out for their latest single ‘Rep‘, or don’t if you want avoid singing the guitar line for the rest of your day. PÄN meanwhile pumps out gloriously erratic indie rock, with frontman Lafayette bringing early Kurt Cobain raw to their sound.

The Berlin show comes in the middle of an impressively hectic tour schedule for Daikaiju, so come out and show them how Berlin’s worth every hour on the autobahn.

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