A contemporary art exhibition exploring mental illness

Words By Erika Clugston

Date: 30.06.17 – 02.09.17
Venue: Jarvis Dooney Gallery

Mental illness is one of the hardest topics to talk about. But it’s also one of the most prevalent and destructive health issues in the world, so it’s important to try. One way to start the conversation is through art. Control is an international group exhibition featuring five artists who are confronting the sensitive subject of mental illness with their artwork.

Laura Hospes, Prisoner of Air, 2016
Ayala Gazit, Was it a Dream, Portrait of the Unknown, 2010

Artists Antonia Attwood, Ayala Gazit, Laura Hospes, Katy Lane and Flavia Schuster explore concepts of mental health with personal and intimate visualisations of inner turmoil and pain in their work. The artists tackle the taboo subject with varying mediums, giving us a glimpse into the experiences of those battling depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and other aspects of mental illness. The exhibition forces us to come to terms with a dark subject and points out that most of us have experienced mental illness ourselves, or have someone close to us who struggles with it. The featured artists use photography, video art, and more to visualise the inner struggle that we cannot see and yet still exists. It may be a difficult conversation, but it is a necessary one. The works are tender and poignant, making the exhibition well worth a visit while it’s on view until September 2nd, 2017.