Conscious Pariah

Going down to the Arabic underground

Words By Alex Rennie

Date: 14/08/2016
Venue: Urban Spree
Time: 17:00

Reading the news on a daily basis, it’s all too easy to overlook the fact that there are thriving cultural scenes in existence all across the Middle East. Beyond the tragedy of war, oppression and displacement, young creatives throughout the Arab world are striving to realise an alternative future that’s exponentially better than the bleak reality of the here and now. This situation is something the organisers of Conscious Pariah want to underscore with their maiden event this month.

To kick things off they’ll be screening the award winning Yallah Underground, a docu-film that follows a handful of the region’s most forward-thinking artists as they try to realise their aspirations in the midst of the Arab Spring. Set against a backdrop of severe socio-political flux, the flick offers a sobering glimpse into the issues, both old and new, that Arabic millennials must face on the regular.

On the musical tip, Egyptian songstress Maii Waleed and Lebanese producer Zeid Hamdan will be showcasing their idiosyncratic indie pop. German-Yemani duo Kabreet are due to perform too, their blend of traditional lyricism, sultry percussion and mesmeric synths makes for captivating listening. SHINS-K, one of the curators behind Beats, Rhymes and Beyond from the Arab World, is on turntable duties. Muhammed Jabali and Miranda De La Frontera both have DJ slots too. Last but not least, Haifa’s Rock Paper Scissors will have a pop up shop stocked with their wearable wares.

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