bOObs – Wir zeigen Brust!

The art exhibition that bares all

Words By Kaitlyn Richey
Photos By Birgit Dieker

Date: 20.2.19 – 8.3.19 by appointment
Karl Oskar Gallery
Finnisage: 08.03.18

bOObs is an exhibition that both celebrates and questions the role of breasts in contemporary art and culture. Playing with the aesthetics of traditional femininity, the exhibit aims to tear down the notion of an ideal feminine appearance and celebrates the diversity and imperfection of a woman’s body.

The exhibition is a part of a larger collaboration called Bitch MATERial hosted by Poison Berlin. Both collections were curated by Birgit (Helbig) Adler and Saralisa Volm and aim to examine what it means to be a woman and a mother. bOObs focuses on the censorship of women’s nipples in social media and questions the role of breasts within the art world. The concept, roles and expectations of the maternal are critiqued and evaluated within the exhibit.

More than 20 artists are featured in the group show, using a variety of mediums to question the role of breasts, nipples, femininity, maternity, and sexuality. Among the featured artists is Annique Delphine, who spoke with LOLA about her work and the power and stigma attached to breasts. 

bOObs will have its finnisage on March 8th, which is also International Women’s Day and will be a public holiday for Berliners this year. So mark your calendars and bring your friends for a celebration, boobs and no-boobs alike!

In a sentence: All boobs are beautiful and wonderful and entirely belong in art.

Annique Delphine