A dance performance exploring the written word

Words By Erika Clugston

Date: 30.11.17
Studio Я, Maxim Gorki Theater

bodytext is a dance piece exploring the role of handwriting in global upheavals as a medium as expression. Berlin-based choreographer, Modjgan Hashemian has created a performance in which dancers turn their bodies into text, writing with movement. Drawing on her previous projects in which she dealt with the subject of Iran’s political state, Modjgan’s choreography considers the role of graffiti in Iran as a subversive method of communication. She states, “In bodytext, together with the team I attempt to explore the quality, dynamics, rhythm and significance of writing as a form of resistance in the struggle against oppression and censorship.”

The performances will feature Ashkan Afsharian, Kaveh Ghaemi, and Modjgan Hashemian with the support of Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, production by Modjgan Hashemian in co-production with Akademie der Künste and STUDIO Я. Book your tickets here to experience it for yourself.

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