Berlin Spray Battle #3

Watch Berlin's street artists go head to head

Words By Elly Harvie

Date: 23.10.16
Venue: Mellow Park
Time: Registration and early bird 13:30  

Graffiti is a huge part of Berlin’s culture. It can be used a means of artistic expression, as a form of political protest, as a way of defining territory, and much more. If you’ve ever wondered who is behind the work on the walls, or how the art form is created, then this is your chance to see some artists in action. This Sunday you can beat the gloomy onset of winter by making your way to Mellow Park to witness some graffiti artists battling it out against each other. Alongside the face-offs there will be live hip hop and vinyl DJ sets, plus a bar with food to keep the energy and mood high.

The battle begins at 14:30 and there will be four rounds in which the artists will display their powers of paint; including tag battles, throw up battles and more, with a skilled and experienced jury doing the judging. Register now, there can only be 24 competitors. And if you’re not competing, come and watch Berlin’s best street artists work to some delicious hip hop vibes. Good luck contestants, this is going to be fun!

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