Berlin is for Lovers

The debut group photographic show from The Impossible Project Lab

Date: 04/08/16
Venue: The Impossible Project Lab
Time: 14:00

We’re excited and intrigued to see what this debut group show from The Impossible Project Lab has in store. In case you’re not aware of it yet, The Impossible Project rescued the instant photograph format from the clutches of obsolescence and brought it back to life. In this exhibition they are tackling the theme of Berlin as a city of love and lovers. The organisers describe the exhibition as revealing “the people of Berlin as their most authentic selves – daring to be expressive, intimate and erotic in times of fear, repression and speculation.”

Below left photo by Oliver Mark, below right photo by Katja Sonnewend, main photo by Jessica Wolfelsperger

As a metropolis with an almost unique reputation for encompassing all aspects and kinds of love, it’s going to be interesting to see how this is refracted through the eyes and lenses of the photographers. The exhibition features works by Matt LambertJessica WolfelspergerOliver MarkKatja Sonnewend and Pepper Levain, and the opening night party features music from In∆ppropri∆te †ouch.

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