Beach Fossils

Low-fi indie rock from Brooklyn

Words By Keith Telfeyan
Photos By Kohei Kawashima

Date: 06.09.17
Venue: Musik & Frieden
Time: 20:00

Beach Fossils play an easy, breezy form of indie rock, mixing glittering guitars with a laid-back rhythm section and spacey vocals. Their self-titled debut in 2010 was perfect beach-going music, washed out in sun-drenched vibes, lolling away the afternoon. Clash the Truth from 2013 showcased a tighter sound with more ambition, but still maintained a slacker culture attitude. They’re bringing their hip style to Berlin to segue us into autumn, and it will be a treat to see how their garage aesthetic plays on the Spree.We expect plenty of denim and head-bobbing.

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