Bang On, Fest #2

A celebration of ladies who rock (and all their fans)

Words By Connie Hwong
Photos By Ghost Pony photographed by Resa Trepuen

Date: 30.3.2019
Venue: Zukunft am Ostkreuz
Time: 18:00-01:00

For a city blessed with such a diverse music scene, Berlin occasionally induces decision paralysis: with so many gigs, DJ sets, performances, and cabarets to choose from, sometimes it seems easier to just hibernate on the couch with Netflix and a hot toddy. But tonight, Bang On has your back: their second annual showcase of hand-picked indie, shoegaze, anti-folk, and electro features local favorites like Glassberg and the Disasters and The SchnickSchnack as well as special guests from further abroad, including Belfast’s spunky, punky Molto Vivo. Despite the eclectic mix, the groups all have at least one thing in common: strong women (Bang On promotes and supports female musicians). And if you’re still having doubts, have a listen to some of Bang On’s latest podcasts for a taste of their favorite tunes and topics.

In a sentence: Come party with an eclectic lineup of bands featuring badass women