Avenue of the Cosmonauts

An affectionate and cruel family story worth telling

Words By Marili Persson
Photos By Sebastian Bolesch

Date: 28.01.17 – 31.01.17
Venue: Radialsystem V
Time: 20:00

This compassionate dance–theatre is a family story; a movement and a deluge of stimulation, you simply don’t want to miss out on. It’s a production by Sasha Waltz who was influenced by her own observations of large residential estates.

We know that dance, in particular as an art form, transcends language barriers; even geographical frontiers start to disappear. The curiosity and desire to learn about the circumstances of others induced Sasha to do a series of interviews with people who live in ways foreign to herself. This investigation served as the launching pad for her choreography in ‘Avenue of the Cosmonauts’.

Sensibly, she conjures up a bizarre scenario of three generations living together in a prefab-housing estate; making it all at once compassionate and ironic, affectionate and cruel, we all can relate to. Along with the music, it’s a richly subtle choreography from beginning to the end.

Sasha Waltz says that: “The abstract of the dance medium and the hermetic artists can be used as a means of understanding the reality of the audience.” Her consideration of nothingness, boredom and the simple being in the world, is carefully reflected throughout the performance.

You can expect a beautiful conversation between dance and music, where the movements are performed both in silence and sounds. This dance-theatre will stipulate the most visually arresting moments and innovative forms of creation – which will leave you speechless. Or screaming for more.

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