Auch wenn es Flucht bedeutet

Art, lectures, music and more, all dealing with the universal concept of escape

Date: 04.11.16 – 06.11.16
GlogauAir Berlin, Glogauer Str. 16, 10999 Berlin
Time: 18:00

Art, philosophy, music, tacos and beer? What better way to spend the weekend, you might ask? Then get thee to the ‘Auch wenn es Flucht bedeutet’ festival, kicking off November 4th at GlogauAir Berlin.

The idea of “Flucht” (flight) has occupied the public consciousness here in Germany in recent years due to the refugee crisis, and has come to represent the migration of displaced people to many. This festival, however, takes the concept of “Flucht” as an ontological imperative, one that creatures all desire but can’t always access due to the pressures of contemporary life. 

Featuring an impressive roster of artists, lecturers, and musical acts, all dealing with the notion of escape or flight that’s all too universal. But what’s for sure, the ‘Auch wenn es Fluct bedeutet’ festival isn’t something you’ll want to take flight from. 

*This festival was made possible in part through a grant from “Quartermeister: Bier für den Kietz.” With the community in mind, this innovative beer producer donates its proceeds to quarterly community-based projects which are voted on by the public. To learn more or to apply for the next round, visit 

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