Aphex Twin + Special Guest

One of electronica’s most influential artists returns to Berlin for the first time in 15 years

Words By Connie Hwong
Photos By Aphex Twin

Date: 01.11.18
Venue: Funkhaus
Time: 18:30

Everyone’s favorite weirdo is back. After peppering London with a cryptic series of posters and ads over the summer, Richard D. James is playing his first Berlin show in 15 years, and at the iconic Funkhaus to boot. James has spent the past three decades recording and releasing music under a wide variety of pseudonyms, but his highest-profile alter ego is Aphex Twin, the name he uses to share his trademark style of electronic music that relies on frenetic, almost seizure-inducing beats, and contemplative melodies that veer from ambient to IDM and back. Aphex Twin’s latest release, Collapse (September 2018) is no exception, but still presents a fresh collection of James’ explorations of the limits of electronic production and songwriting.

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