Alice Phoebe Lou

Music and visuals to take you out of this world

Words By Marc Yates

Date: 02.12.16
Venue: Zeiss-Großplanetarium
Time: 20:00

And now for something completely different. And awesome. Allow yourself to be transported by the unique voice and charming melodies of Alice Phoebe Lou as she brings a mix of music and visuals to an incredible venue. The Zeiss-Großplanetarium will host her final European performance before she flies south for the winter (sensible idea), and its dome will be filled by spacial projections that will let audience members leave the earth for a short while.

As Alice herself says: “Music to me is about story telling and singing about subjects that are relatable to all humans. I like to try to spread positive and thought-provoking messages to try and use music as a tool for positive change.”

We’re so excited to see what kind of journey she takes us on!

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