Alchemie. Die Große Kunst

A multidisciplinary exhibition spanning 3,000 years of art and history

Words By Erika Clugston

Date: 06.04.17 – 23.07.17
Venue: Kulturforum
Opening: 05.04.17,  19:00

Myths of creation, creator, and creature are questioned in this comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the art of alchemy. With over 200 works spanning 3,000 years of art and history, it is a show of mammoth-sized proportion. Paintings, drawings, installation, videos, fake gems, and manuscripts – you name it! From Anselm Kiefer to Yves Klein to antiquity, Alchemy. The Great Art boasts multidisciplinary work, both ancient and contemporary, centring on the universal and timeless theme of alchemy.

Included in the exhibition is The Gold Projections by Joe Ramirez. The world premiere of Ramirez’s latest work was presented by the Kulturforum on the occasion of the 67th Berlinale. Using a recently-patented process, Ramirez projects moving paintings onto a circular, hand-gilded wooden disc. Experimental and visually stunning, the silent films come alive on the textured gold-leaf surface. The gilding process is painstaking and time consuming – each sheet of gold leaf used is twenty times thinner than a cigarette paper. The process is a labour of love, Ramirez’s life’s work. Though not paintings and not quite films, the misty moving images are a language born of both. This transcendental work and the entirety of the Alchemy exhibition is well worth the visit.

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