Agar Agar

Parisian duo bring debut album to Berlin with multiple performances

Words By Erika Clugston
Photos By Andrea Mae Perez

Date: 16.08.18 & 19.10.18
Venue: Alte Kantine & Prince Charles
Time: 22:40 & 19:00

With dreamy lyricism and bouncing electro beats, Agar Agar are a band worth getting to know. The French duo are bringing their musical talents to Berlin to play at Pop Kultur Festival. While the festival is filled with must-see musical events and art happenings (see our guide here), we suggest adding one more to your list.

Clara Cappagli’s silky voice soars over Armand Bultheel’s drums and together they create an almost-eerie sound that pulls you to the dance-floor like a gravitational force. If you can’t make it to their performance at Pop Kultur, you can catch them at Prince Charles on October 19th.

For a taste of their musical stylings, watch the video below and enjoy the second single from their upcoming debut album called The Dog & The Future, which will be released by Cracki Records in September.