72hr True Italian Food Happy Hour

A weekend-long celebration of the best Italian food in Berlin

Words By Marc Yates
Photos By Paweł Rękas

Date: 22.09.16 – 25.09.16

Do you know what we love doing? Eating. And do you know what we love eating? Italian food. And do you know what we love even more than eating Italian food? Eating cheap Italian food! It’s kind of like the last weekend of this month has been created with us in mind. 47 of the best Italian restaurants, pizzerias, wine bars, bakeries and bars in the cities open their doors to offer hungry Berliners their specialities at the happy hour price of 6€. This is a great opportunity to revel in the best Italian food that the city has to offer, and to try plenty of new things.

Follow the map of participating establishments, which has been created in the style of the UBahn map, to take a real gastronomic tour around the city over the 72 hours. The only limit is how much you can eat.

There is a distinct chance that we may combine all of this Italian food with red wine, so if you see us on the street looking a little sozzled and covered in tomato sauce, please don’t judge. 

Buon Appetito!

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