420 Stoner/Psychedelic Movie Marathon

A Blazing Good Time

Words By Kaitlyn Richey

Date: 20.4.2019
Venue: Ladenkino
Time: 11:00

Spend the ‘holiday’ on a nice trip! Ladenkino and David DMP Moore will be screening five different psychedelic themed films on April 20th. Bring along some munchies and get comfy. Films include, “Cheech and Chong- Up in Smoke,” a story about accidentally smuggling a marijuana-filled van over the Mexico/U.S. border, “Reefer Madness” from 1936 which demonizes the use of marijuana when a group of teens become addicted to reefer cigarettes and crazy partying, “Alice in Acidland” which features college students joining a hippie commune and going on a crazy drug trip, “The Psychedelic Priest” tells the tale of a priest who falls in love with a hitchhiker and drinks LSD spiked soda, and last but not least, “The Hooked Generation” where a group of smugglers are forced to throw overboard their supply whilst on a boat to Cuba, and a young couple observes them doing this. Illegal activities are not condoned. This message is endorsed through the showing of vintage anti-drug ads! It’s going to be lit.

In a sentence: D.A.R.E. to spend a day addicted to film