10th British Shorts Film Festival Berlin

Berlin showcases the best short films from the UK & Ireland

Words By Maggie Devlin

Date: 12.01.17 – 18.01.17
Venue: Various

Since Brexit, there’s been a lot of chatter about ‘British values’. But what the flag-wavers miss between navy-blue passports and tea with the local vicar are the traditions that truly set those wet little rocks at the edge of Europe apart.

British cinema is one of them. It’s brave. It’s quirky. It speaks with a voice that is uniquely British because of the myriad cultures and backgrounds in the stories it tells, not in spite of them.

From Thursday 12th to Wednesday 18th January, you can celebrate all the gloom and glory of cinema from the UK and Ireland in the 10th British Shorts Film Festival. Screenings will be held across five venues, with concerts and a workshop to round out the busy programme.

From drama to comedy, documentaries to science fiction there is a wealth of art throughout the festival without a single Toblerone shrinking, Marmite price-hiking story in sight. The workshop run by film teachers, Dave Green and John Digance will focus on the theme of ‘Crossing Borders’, with viewings of experimental films on the topic, and the chance for attendees to make works about their own transitions in Berlin.

Festival music comes from slinky electro-soul goddess, DENA and Slow Steve’s Helen Fry amongst others. Check out the full programme here or follow updates on the festival’s Facebook page.

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