Voyage Voyage on the Landwehrkanal

Fill up your ice box, pack the Minirig and get boaty on Berlin’s waterways

Totally free: all you need is a boat!

Ahoy there mateys! Summer in the city means one thing for many people – wavey seafaring antics on the Landwehrkanal. That’s right, dust down the inflatable boat, foot-pump that bad boy to max PSI and set sail on an epic odyssey afloat those magically murky waters – taking in the brutalist beauty of Vivantes Klinikum and traversing the Länderdreieck’s open waters, all with a cold one in hand, is a rite of passage for any Berliner worth their salt.

You get to see the city from a whole new perspective, and it is a super chill way to spend an afternoon or evening. On a recent boat trip of our own, we spotted a couple who had tied their boat to a buoy and were floating in place, with each of them reading a book. How cute is that?

If you don’t yet own a boat, they’re more affordable than you might imagine. You can pick up a decent three-person inflatable boat for €85 – why not chip in with a few mates and buy one for the summer? From there on in, it’s good, clean, free fun until the weather stops playing ball.