Spectral Solas: Be the Light Gong Bath Meditation

A unique way to float on soundwaves

Jonny Tiernan

Date: 07.11.19
Venue: Life Artists Creators Hub (Pyramid Floor), Milastraße 4, 10437 Berlin
Time: 19:30-21.30

Modern life is stressful, this is a fact. More and more people are feeling the pressure of being inundated with information and permanently connected. For many of us, it can feel like we’re in a race against time, trying to cram everything into each day and keep all the plates spinning. This is why taking a breather to unplug and unwind at a gong bath is becoming increasingly popular. 

A bath? You may be thinking this involves getting wet. But worry not, the bathing aspect refers to being bathed in sound only. When played well, the gong releases a powerful vibration which can feel like a sonic massage for participants. If this sounds intriguing, check out the monthly Spectral Solas gong bath meditation sessions at Life Artists, a studio for conscious creativity in Prenzlauer Berg.

Spectral Solas sessions are unique in that they comprise three techniques designed to work together to increase participants’ wellbeing. The facilitator, Ciara, is a certified meditation teacher who studied the gong with world-renowned gongmaster, Don Conreaux. She utilises her training to guide participants into stillness using scientifically proven meditation techniques. Then she gently transitions into a sound bath using Paiste gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and shamanic instruments. The evening closes with a cup of Ayurvedic golden milk, made with health-promoting spices such as turmeric, to nourish participants before they head home. 

Each month has a different theme, and November is focused on bringing acceptance to all parts of ourselves and finding ways to lift others up too through compassion. Previous sessions included powerful connection techniques to increase compassion and empathy, breathing practices to promote vitality and group chanting to invigorate through the voice. Gong baths are unusual in that each person in the room has a slightly different experience, depending on what is going on for them at the time. You can feel more relaxed, you may come to unexpected realisations, or emotions may bubble to the surface. 

We took part in one of the early Spectral Solas gong baths ourselves and give the unique and enriching experience a strong recommendation.

In a sentence: An enchanting evening of gong power

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