Tour Diary: Gurr

The Berlin-based Garage-rockers share photos from their recent European tour

Garage-rockers Gurr have been charming Berlin’s audiences since 2012, and received skyrocketing attention following the release of their full-length debut, In My Head, last year. 

Weller-esque polo shirts meet big old Epiphone guitars in style and sound, and their second single ‘Walnuts’ delivers strong hooks and catchy singalongs in spades. Here, Gurr take us along for the ride on the tour that would lead up to a sold-out show at Lido.


First show of the tour – we didn’t expect much, we played at around 8pm and were the only band, but a lot of people showed up and gave us invitations to Russia. We ate pasta with seafood before the show.


This is Liam who booked most of the shows on the tour. We wanted to go to Züriberg in Zürich before leaving because, as Liam says: “Mountains are tight.”


We slept in the most comfortable apartment because they turned up the heating to the max everywhere, so the hole in the roof didn’t matter anymore. In the pic you see an art installation close to the venue, where we played with Wolf Mountains.


After our record release show in Kantine am Berghain we got into the car, kissed our baes goodbye and drove to Paris. Here we woke up after a three-hour nap between 6 and 9am to have ‘breakfast’ at the hip vegan café, McDonalds.


Here is Laura doing what she does best – prepping up the merch really nice in Paris. My guitar broke and a guy in the audience requested a really early song of ours, ‘Joseph Gordon-Levitt’, that we played laughing and out of tune as a Zugabe.


In Brighton we stayed with Liam’s mum, in a house that has hosted bands like La Luz and Hinds before. Lewis, a good friend who kindly agreed to drive us nutties around, really fell in love with one of the inhabitants.
Here are Liam and Laura on the streets of Brighton the day after the show, being very German and waiting for Liam’s friend who was ten minutes late. The trains weren’t running that day (apparently a common thing) and our label manager Grant missed a lot of appointments.


This is Laura, drunk, holding a Heineken that we found in our van from the Paris show. Laura and I, Andreya, got really drunk because a lot of good friends and our booker Jamie were there. We continued drinking at Sally’s uncle’s house (thank you for the wine!) and no one showered the next morning (except drunk Andreya) because we were scared to miss the ferry.


In Lille we binge shopped Maman products (biscuits, cookies, brownies and yoghurts/mousse au chocolat) that we devoured before the show. The very nice promoters gave us boxed wine but we could hardly look at alcohol that day.
This is Sally, our bass player, hugging our drummer Brandon in front of the van with our golden balloon letters floating in the trunk. Brandon got very drunk the last day and I woke up at 3am to Lewis helping Brandon while he tried to throw up but only shouting: “Uergh, oh God.”

In My Head is out now on Duchess Box Records.