Tongue twisting tunes and boxes full of beats

Alex Rennie

Date: 30/11/17
Venue: Gretchen
Time: 20:00

Stanmore’s prodigal son returns to Berlin primed to entertain the crowd at his favourite Kreuzberg haunt, Gretchen. Having stumbled onto the scene in 2006 as the UK’s undisputed beatbox champion, Darren Foreman, a.k.a Beardyman, has carved a name out for himself as one of the world’s most talented multivocalists.

Renowned for blending his own oral machinations with a deft knack for live looping and a heavy dose of wit, the London-native’s shows are a side-splitting yet captivating display of originality and musical talent. So without further ado, procure yourself a ticket and get set for a night of verbal vibes.

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